Aditnalta 2015 life

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Trip to Squint Opera

Aditnalta 2015 Students

Robyn Davis
Ignacio Andres Meija Zubillaga
Tristan Da Rosa
Jake Stephenson
Antoinette Oni
Michael John Jenkins
Chup Yip Alexander Wong
Yangyang Ding
Matthew Greenwood
Ridho Prawiro
Lucas Koleits
Daniel Lee Smith
Su-Yin Lai
Priscilla Kwok
Amanda Ngieng
Clare Eastbrook-Lamb
Wai Kay Michelle Chang
Matthew Tibballs
Seung Hyuk Choi

The World v.02 2015


Experience this new world

Fractal landscapes


Robyn & Jake’s exploration of digital fractal landscapes.


The Digital Heart


Iggy’s world of visualizing the connections and veins of the world wide web.


The Archive of lost sites

p2p1 p1

Choi + Matthew’s world that archives the historical information of lost web platforms.

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