The internet is a place with unique vernaculars, cultures and locations; it is a place for one to explore, discover and design domains. Aditnálta is an island manifested on the internet; a cloud of immaterial dreams that continues to weave and stitch its way on the World Wide Web. Within the context of the pinged online network, we will question the idea of paradise. From whimsical addresses with mystifying geographies, we will explore the pixelated establishments of Minecraft, the doors of Janus.vr, propagate Google and teleport into the bits and bytes of the modern social gathering.
From this psychedelic experience we will tell tales of the environments, draft new experiences, design new interventions and virtually spatialise the complex conditions of the promised worlds.
Come and design this experience on Aditnálta.

This year, we will focus on developing a fully digital immersive experience. We use our existing environment as a start, and will capture extracts of our existing surroundings using various digital and experimental scanning methods, including point cloud and photogrammetry technology. The material collected will be processed and used as base to design imaginary worlds using 3D design and animation software. These immersive worlds will then be ported to Unity3D to be experienced in VR headsets and archived online in WebGL format.

Photogrammetry - WikipediaSOFTWARE
Rhino+grasshopper/C4D – Design
Unity3D – User experience
ReMake/123D Catch – Photogrammetry
Browser(Chrome/Firefox)+Webgl – Archive and web exploration

Oculus/HTC vive/Google cardboard – VR
Phone/Camera/Drone – Photogrammetry
Kinect/custom CNC device – IR/point cloud scan

Aditnalta is one of the few AA visiting schools based at the Architectural Association.
Students benefit from a full AA immersion, including crits from AA tutors, full access to their facilities, guided visit to the famous AA projects review yearly show, and an AA membership.

Photogrammetry - Wikipedia