Aditnalta VS 2015


The World v.01 2014


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Adrian Bonaventura

Alex Morse

Vitto Andreas – AA Projects Review 2014

Nathália Rotelli

The surprise across the island!

Some warp cubes will reveal this!

Artemis Doupa

Aditnalta 2014 & 2015 Tutor

Mond Qu

Mond Qu is a designer, maker and craftsman. His work explores the relationship between new technological production and physical objects. He is the founder of United Make, a radical design practice & experimental think tank, Mond has worked and taught design internationally, including London, Melbourne, Thailand and Shanghai.

Denis Vlieghe

Denis (M.Arch. High.Dist. – AA M.Arch. Architecture and Urbanism) is a fresh and forward-thinking architect, designer, researcher, and lecturer.

He has practiced, taught, and been exhibited internationally. He has worked with several renowned design practices such as Shigeru Ban Architects, Endo Shuhei Architects, Robofold, and participated in various competition entries such as the winning design of the Guangzhou Culture Center.

His strength resides in his ability to combine exceptional design skills with in-depth technical knowledge of software, hardware and fabrication methods, with applications in a wide range of projects of all scales.

Denis currently works at Grimshaw Architects and is associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes.