Aditnalta visiting school

Imagine designing new worlds. In June 2014 Aditnálta 2.0 was launched, a fictional island that governs new opportunities to re-imagine, re-design and re-build a realm with no physical boundaries, limits or rules. This island became a living test bed to explore the potentials of spatialising digital media. Functioning as a ubiquitous pop-up studio we will occupy this online environment with an assemblage of props, devices and infrastructures within our surroundings. Grappling with the challenges of the internet we devised ways to create spatio-temporal connections between physical prototypes and digital experiments. During the two week journey, Aditnálta 2.0 became a cloud of curated ideas, immaterial dreams and unbuilt narratives, to continuously evolve as an online spatial repository. The collaborative co-creation of this digital shanty involved the use of interactive 3D graphics, WebGL technologies, real-time game engines and 3D scanning techniques. These tools will allowed workshop participants to develop ways of working through storytelling, time-based media and real world data manipulation.

v01 poster